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I found that password! Password Break-ins can be avoided.

I’ve had the thousandth aha moment. I found someone’s password. Again! Having seen this cockiness of “it can’t happen to me” for such a long time; Time and again proves just one of the two things – Either people believe they are invincible and do not really care or they just do not know how to generate strong random passwords that can be easily remembered.

I’d give my secret recipe for generating passwords; Passwords that can be written in full public view, will never need to be written down, can be remembered for as long as you’re alive (and mentally sound), cannot be broken by your friends or relatives and passwords that are unique to every place you need them. For the record, my Bank of the West password is “Amazing Amazing West of 2005!” Go figure!

Install Windows 7 on iMac using BootCamp

Installing Windows 7 on iMAC 27
The new iMac with its 27” LED display and core i7 goodness, slim profile and drop dead gorgeous looks lacks just one thing. It doesn’t run Windows 7 out of the box. Snow Leopard and the lackluster  Apple supplied software notwithstanding, I was still drooling at how big a code window I could get if I fired  up Visual Studio 2010 in this baby. Here’s a step by step guide to matching the most beautiful (if not the best) hardware with the most useful OS of all times – Installing Windows 7 on iMAC 27” Core i5/i7.
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Packaging multiple DNN Modules in DotnetNuke 5.0+

How does somebody package a DNN module? Login as host, go to Module Definitions, hit Edit on the module you want to package and voila, there�s a Create Package button!

How do you create a package from command line? Or, how do you create a package that contains multiple packages? I have to admit, I couldn�t Google enough to find a solution. So, here it goes. ...

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Is PowerDNN Hosting a Rip-Off?


Is PowerDNN hosting a rip-off? Or is it really worth it?

Ive never hosted with PowerDNN. I have no idea why their services are so -- Expensive. I also hate spammers. And scammers. So tell me people; what is it that I have missed about PowerDNN? Is it a ripoff? Whats with all the TVs and Giveaways spamming my DNN search tabs on twitter? Are people really stupid? Or is it just me?...


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Godaddy UCC Certificates

A proof of how quickly time flies asserts itself around this time of the year when it is time to renew the SSL certificate used for SMTP, POP and IMAP services on Exchange Server 2007. It is surprising however that the documentation on how to do so is still scarce and hard to come by, nearly 3 years since I embarked on the original installation. What is more intriguing however -- I end up doing the same mistakes every year. This time, I�m going to outline the  whole process....

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